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Bond Financing


Another financing option is the pooled loan program through South Dakota's Economic Development Finance Authority. This loan program, designed for more capital-intensive projects, provides small businesses access to larger capital markets for tax-exempt or taxable bond issuances. The program can fund projects individually or pool them to help lower the cost of the bond issuance. One of the biggest advantages of this program is a long-term loan with a fixed interest rate. A major benefit to borrowers is the South Dakota Economic Development Finance Authority's "AA" rating by Standard and Poor's. By maintaining an "AA" rating, the Authority is able to offer a lower interest rate to the applicant.

Stand-Alone Issuance

Individuals may also apply for Stand-Alone Bond Issuances when there is a need for an authorized issuing agency. The application below needs to be completed for these requests as well.

Who's Eligible

All for-profit businesses that are engaged in the operation of an industrial, ag processing or manufacturing business may apply for bond financing through the South Dakota Economic Development Finance Authority.

How it Works

The bonds can be either taxable or tax-exempt. To qualify for tax-exempt financing the borrower must be a manufacturer and total project costs must be less than $20,000,000. Bond proceeds can be used to finance 80 percent of new construction or purchase of existing building, and 75 percent of new equipment costs, with no greater than 25 percent of the bond proceeds being used for ancillary activities such as office or inventory space.


Option 1: You may view and print the application as a PDF file using Adobe Reader. Please note that while you may type your information onto this application and then print it, once you leave the site the information will not be saved. If you do not currently have Adobe Reader, click on the Get Adobe Reader button below to download the program for free.
Governor's Office of Economic Development Financing Application (PDF)

Option 2: You may open the application as a Microsoft Word file and save it to your computer. The file can then be filled out and printed. *If you do not have Microsoft Word, you will not be able to open this application.
Governor's Office of Economic Development Financing Application (Word)

More Information

For more information, contact:

Cassidy Kulesa 

Or contact the Business Development Representative in your area.