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  • Spotlight on South Dakota's Biosciences
  • pharmaCline chooses South Dakota
  • Permara follows technology and lands in South Dakota

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Eleutian Technologies opened the doors to its Spearfish teaching facility in May. Congratulations!


Commissioner Pat Costello

Welcome to the GOED's first e-newsletter. I’m GOED Commissioner Pat Costello, and there are exciting changes I'd like to share with you. First and foremost, our new format is going to allow my office to better interact with you. This means you will see links, videos and more engaging overall content.

Second, as you may have already noticed, we have changed to a monthly publication rather than a quarterly one. This will allow us to bring you, as our partner in economic development, more timely, more relevant news and office updates.

I’d like to focus our first e-newsletter on one of South Dakota’s key industries: Biosciences. The Biotechnology International Convention (BIO) is just around the corner, and South Dakota is once again partnering with local communities and companies to establish a statewide presence at the show. And here’s why:

Bioscience fields make a great deal of sense here in South Dakota. We have a strong manufacturing base that lends itself well to medical device manufacturing; and our state’s background in agriculture is a great environment for biofuel, seed engineering and other companies.

Additionally, bioscience is a prime example of how South Dakota’s size is its strength – we have collaboration opportunities that you just don’t find in every state.

  Hear Dr. Yuyu Sun's take on collaboration opportunities here in South Dakota!

It was technology that was already emerging at the university that brought Permara (formerly ATG – Antimicrobial Technologies Group) to South Dakota.

Back in 2009, Dr. Yuyu Sun at the University of South Dakota was working with an antimicrobial technology with a lot of potential. Today, that technology has transformed into a number of products that can eliminate 99.9 percent of bacteria, fungi, viruses and odor on material surfaces.

“Our products are geared for a number of different places – residential, institutional, hospitals, home health organizations, nursing homes, industrial products, paint, paint additives, and consumer products,” said Craig Arnold, Permara’s Chief Operating Officer. “This technology is unique in that it allows them to go in many, many different directions.”

For example, Permara’s technology has been incorporated into athletic socks developed for people who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, edema, neuropathy, or reduced circulation. Added into paint, the technology reduces surface germs and bacteria in hospitals and homes, which in turn, could reduce illnesses for all who use it.

pharmaCline Headline

  pharmaCline Argus Story

pharmaCline is a South Dakota start-up company that is in the business of saving lives, healing wounds and preventing the spread of diseases.

pharmaCline's innovative, site-specific, drug delivery system enables new delivery methods of FDA-approved drugs to help doctors and pharmacists to effectively treat patients. In fact, the technology is so effective it can be used to kill the top 12 pathogens in the United States. The company’s first product rollout is scheduled for the third quarter of 2011, and it has eight of its nine planned products listed with the FDA.

The initial launch will introduce three products for treating small extremity injuries. People in trades such as roofing, agriculture and construction that can’t afford to miss a day of work would benefit. Slow healers – those that are on other medications that may inhibit healing – will benefit. And diabetics and pre-diabetics will benefit as the products will knock down some of the infection that they get.

Additionally, pharmaCline plans on hiring about 40 people – most of whom will come from the Sioux Falls region.

“South Dakota is a great place for early-stage companies. We’ve had a wonderful experience in that regard,” Keough said. “We are glad we are here.”


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