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SmithCoManufacturing isrelocating its corporate headquarters to Elk Point.

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17th In Purchasing Power

The latest figures are in!

For the third consecutive year, the GOED analyzed the salaries, cost of living, and taxes paid for more than 560 occupations to compute the purchasing power of eachoccupation’s salary in each state. For 2012 - the most recent year that numbers are available - South Dakota ranked 17th. That's up from 26th in 2011.

"We hear a lot about low wages in South Dakota, but looking only at gross pay is not the best way to make a comparison to other states," said GOED Commissioner Pat Costello. "Our study takes a host of other factors into account and tells you how much money is left in your pocket at the end of the day, which is what really matters."

To see how much you really earn visit, then click on “News & Media,” and then “Publications & Studies.”

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Gov. Daugaard

Governor Dennis Daugaard announced the award of nine grants in September for economic development efforts under the Reinvestment Payment Program, Local Infrastructure Improvement Program, Economic Development Partnership Program, and the South Dakota Jobs Program. The grants, which totaled close to $1.8 million, were approved by the Board of Economic Development.

The Local Infrastructure Improvement Program, Economic Development Partnership Program, and South Dakota Jobs Program are all part of the Building South Dakota Fund, which was created by Senate Bill 235. The Reinvestment Program was also part of Senate Bill 235, which was a comprehensive economic package that was passed this year by the state Legislature and signed by Gov. Daugaard.

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